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Bubble & Foam Wrap

Our Bubble Wrap is light weight and flexible material for wrapping objects for greater protection. It's also shock absorbent and non-abrasive for safe storage and transport of any goods.

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Gives the same protection as normal bubble wrap. Anti-Static for use in wrapping Electrical Goods. E.g. Circuit Boards, hard drives etc.

Code Description Size
BUBLAR300BND large bubble bundle 5x300mm x 50m
BUBLAR500BND large bubble bundle 3x500mm x 50m
BUBLAR750BND large bubble bundle 2x750mm x 50m
BUBLAR1200BND large bubble bundle 1x1200mm x 50m
BUBLAR1500BND large bubble bundle 1x1500mm x 50m
BUBSM300BND small bubble bundle 5x300mm x 100m
BUBSM500BND small bubble bundle 3x500mm x 100m
BUBSM600BND small bubble bundle 2x600mm x 100m
BUBSM750BND small bubble bundle 2x750mm x 100m
BUBSM1200BND small bubble bundle 1x1200mm x 100m
BUBSM1500BND small bubble bundle 1x1500mm x 100m
FOAWRA150015 foam wrap 1500mm x 200mtr x 1.5mm thick
FOAWRA5001 foam wrap 3x500mm x 300mtr x 1mm thick
FOAWRA100015 foam wrap 1000mm x 200mtr x1.5mm thick
FOAWRA100025 foam wrap 1000mm x120mtr x 2.5mm thick
FOAWRA50025 foam wrap 3x500mm x120mtr x2.5mm thick

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Bubble & Foam Wrap
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