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Cardboard Packaging Boxes

We have a range of Stock Boxes to suit your needs in Single Wall and Double Wall if you don't see the size you require below please give us a call and we can manufacture bespoke size boxes for you.

List of boxes below are all regular 0201 style boxes Double Wall for heavier products to give more protection. Construction Twin Fluted Board 7mm thick.

Code Description/Size
CARST101010 D/W Carton 254x254x254
CARST1299 D/W Carton 305x229x229
CARST121212 D/W Carton 305x305x305
CARST141414 D/W Carton 355x355x355
CARST151011 D/W Carton 382x254x278
CARST151515 D/W Carton 382x382x382
CARST161616 D/W Carton 405x405x405
CARST181213 D/W Carton 458x305x330
CARST181818 D/W Carton 458x458x458
CARST241818 D/W Carton 610x458x458
CARST001654 D/W Carton 510x390x220 
CARST001663 D/W Carton 610x360x360
CARST001664 D/W Carton 711x390x360
CARSTWBC2 D/W Carton 480x350x130
CARSHROPNO8 D/W Carton 620x380x295
CAR68CBO1090 D/W Carton 690x410x270
CAR68CBO1900 D/W Carton 540x540x540

Below is Single Wall 0201 regular Carton lightweight packaging for General Packaging. Constructed of Single Fluted Board approx. 4mm thick.

Product  Code Description
CARST644SW SW Carton 152x102x102
CARST966SW SW Carton 229x152x152
CARST1296SW SW Carton 300x210x155
CARST1299SW SW Carton 305x229x229
CARST001072SW SW Carton 305x229x229/265 varidepth
CARSTBDCM4SW SW Carton 390x290x180
CARSTBDCM2SW SW Carton 390x290x390
CARSTBDCM1SW SW Carton 590x390x300
OO2121  SW Carton 382x298x350
OO2O51 SW Carton 405x380x400
CARHD1OUT SW Carton 815x474x505


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Cardboard Packaging Boxes
Other sizes are available - if you can't find what you are looking for please give us a call!

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