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Polythene Packaging

Lay Flat Tubing comes in a variety of widths and gauges.

Product Code Description
LFT4500 Roll LFT 4" 500g
LFT5500 Roll LFT 5" 500g
LFT5250 Roll LFT 5" 250g
LFT6120 Roll LFT 6" 120g
LFT6500 Roll LFT 6" 500gl
LFT7500 Roll LFT 7" 500g
LFT8500 Roll LFT 8" 500g
LFT9500 Roll LFT 9" 500g
LFT10500 Roll LFT 10" 500g
LFT12120 Roll LFT 12" 120g
LFT12500 Roll LFT 12" 500g
LFT14250 Roll LFT 14" 250g
LFT14500 Roll LFT 14" 500g
LFT15500 Roll LFT 15" 500g
LFT18120 Roll LFT 18" 120g
LFT18500 Roll LFT 18" 500g
LFT24120 Roll LFT 24" 120g
LFT24500 Roll LFT 24" 500g
LFT30500 Roll LFT 30" 500g
LFT36500        Roll LFT 36" 500g

Polythene bags a wide range of sizes and quality for vast variety of products including food use

Product Code Description
PB68500 Polythene Bag 6x8 500g
PB79120  Polythene Bag 7x9 120G
PB812200 Polythene Bag 8x12 200g
PB1012120 Polythene Bag 10x12 120g
PB1012200 Polythene Bag 10x12 200g
PB1015200 Polythene Bag 10x15 200g
PB1824250 Polythene Bag 18x24 250g
PB1520250 Polythene Bag 15x20 250g
PB2030500 Polythene Bag 20x30 500g
PB2436250 Polythene Bag 24x36 250g
PB1218120 Polythene Bag 12x18 120g
PB1218500 Polythene Bag 12x18 500g
PB1215120 Polythene Bag 12x15 120g
PB1215500 Polythene Bag 12x15 500g

Pallet wrap is a excellent product for wrapping pallets and large items for stability.

Product Code Description
PW50020EC Pallet Wrap 500mm x 300m x 20mic ext core
PW50020MPPS Pallet Wrap 500mm x 1800mm x 20mic Machine PPS
PW40020 Pallet Wrap 400mm x 300m x 20mic
PW500BLA Pallet Wrap 500mm Black
PW40034 Pallet Wrap 400mmx200mx34mic standard core
PW40017EXT Pallet Wrap 400mmx300mx17mic extended core
REF182939140BK Box 200 Black refuse sack 18x29x39 140g

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Polythene Packaging
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